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Impossible is Nothing! – a Crowd1 Review


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Passive Income has Never Been Easier or Safer

The Coronavirus pandemic has proven one thing, one stream of income is never enough.



What if you can make your money work for you?

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That’s too good to be true, right??


Backed by CEO Johan Staël Von Holstein, Crowd1 is the place where Impossible is Nothing!

Crowd1 is an International Digital Network Marketing Platform.

First of its kind, Crowd1 is the Progressive Passive Income Solution you had been looking for!

Based on modern technology, Crowd1 offers group-investment opportunities.


crowd1 business

It is super easy to join.


Choose between one of the education package tiers: White, Black, Gold, Titanium.

Each package determines the cost of your buy-in and the amount of your pay-out.

Let us take a quick look at the packages:

Crowd1 compensation plan

join crowd1

(This link will take you to Quick & Easy Sign-up!)


You can choose & purchase any package that fits your budget.

It’s as simple as that!

No paperwork, No credit check.

The process is digital, efficient, and foolproof.

Sit back and enjoy your residual income.

Get paid every week.


YES… it is as easy to receive continuous passive income when you join Crowd1.

Continuous weekly payments mean you recoup your capital very soon.

But wait…

There is more!


Crowd1 proudly welcomes every member.

We have members signing up from all over the world every day.

And, we aim to extend our reach more and more.

You can help Crowd1 grow by helping us reach more members.


And, we will help you thrive by offering better compensations and lucrative deals.

For every new member that joins by using your referral, you will receive a commission.

This will increase your earning potential and help you generate more passive income.

Our Goal


At Crowd1, our goal is to empower you with earning and education.

As our associates, you will have access to digital tools and services to help you in developing a concrete understanding and resources.

You will also receive vouchers for books, videos, and more. is a crowd-movement focused masterclass site. It is a hub to priceless resources.


Crowd1’s current development strategy with business partners is something you shouldn’t miss.

The strategy is curated to bring new opportunities to enhance digital sales.

It will be invaluable to Crowd1 members to build financial success and develop their entrepreneurial skillsets…

Crowd1’s binary compensation plan is a huge hype in Europe and Africa.


Don’t trust us? Ask Alexa!

Crowd1 is ranked number 5 by Alexa.


Founded by Jonas Werner, the company has made waves everywhere.


With CEO Johan Staël Von Holstein, it is soaring and expanding every day.


Johan Stael Von Holstein

(Johan Staël Von Holstein is a Swedish entrepreneur and a venture capitalist. He is also the co-founder of companies such as Icon MediaLab and LetsBuyIt. He will also take Crowd1 to the stars, and is well on his way in doing so…)


He’s also an author, a public speaker, which makes Holstein one of the leading visionaries in Europe.




Let us answer all your questions about Crowd1, and how you can earn at this platform…


How do we do this?


There is no magic, that I can tell you!

After years of experience and deep insight into the leading industries, we have found the key to generating revenues.

And, that’s not a secret either.

We invest where it matters!


When you join Crowd1, we will introduce you to the leading industries…

Online Gambling & Mobile Gaming are the two industries that generate real money…

Crowd1 uses its well-crafted strategy to help our members contribute and create substantial revenue.



So, why should you join Crowd1??


Crowd1 is a program that helps its members in creating and maintaining their own online network business.

To do this, it will equip you with the most effective strategies and the finest tools.


How successful our strategies are?


Well, the immense success of Crowd1 in such a short period of time is the best testament to our strategy and business model.

When you join Crowd1, you will get access to the educational courses.

Don’t worry, you won’t feel like going back to school.


Short, accurate, and precise, these courses will ensure you grasp the essence of the company.

You will also be able to use our app easily.

The main goal, however, is one…

To help you MAKE MONEY!!


Who do we work with?


Good corporate partnership is essential for the success of a company.

Our partners are the forerunners of the gaming world, Affilgo, and Miggster.

As a Crowd1 member, you will get direct access to these websites.

You can then invest in the websites.

You will be granted ‘Owner Rights’ which will be the main source of your profits.



What are the benefits of the Crowd1 Mobile App?


To help you operate your network marketing business with Crowd1, we have developed a website for you.

You can download the Crowd1 app from App Store or Google Play.

It is totally free to download.


How can I join Crowd1?

join crowd1

To join the Crowd1 app, you must subscribe to one of the package tiers we offer.

These packages include: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

For details, look at the table above, or check our website.


How can I Make Money with Crowd1?

Making money with Crowd1 is super easy! And, there are two main ways of doing that.

1. Owner Rights:

When you join Crowd1, you will receive ‘Owner Rights’ shares to the company. There are two factors that determine the owner rights:

(I) The amount that you invest
(II) The education package tier that you selected.


2. Residual Commissions:

Once you join Crowd1, you will be welcome to grow your network under Crowd1.

For residual commission, the compensation plan follows a binary system.

You may have heard of the pyramid (binary) system. Here is how it works:

On the first level, a member can add 2 investors.

These 2 investors can recruit 2 more investors.

As your network grows, your pyramid grows, and so does your revenue!

Good news? There is no limit, and you can grow your network as big as you like!


How much do I earn by recruiting others?

When you recruit people, you earn some percentage from them. For instance,

Imagine you have bought the Bronze tier and you want to recruit new investors.

You can earn 10% of what your Level 1 recruits earn.


For the Silver plan, you can earn from investors recruited in Level 1 and 2.

For Gold, till Level 4. And for Titanium till Level 5.

So, the package and number of recruits determine how much revenue you earn at the end.


How does Crowd1 pay me?

We are very flexible and offer many options that can work for everyone!

First, we will ask you to choose an account. It can be the account you used to sign-up.

Now, choose one option for payment.


Your options include:

VISA cards
• Master Card (both credit and debit)
• Prepaid cards


Now watch the company CEO Johan Staël Von Holstein talk about the plans and commitment for Crowd1 – You’ll love it!

“This is the last network you will ever join”

Get started today!

join crowd1(It’s free to join, but to earn weekly income, you must purchase an investment package, and be 18+ years old.)

Crowd1 Is The Last Network You’ll Ever Need to Join!
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